Would you like to Gain Confidence, Get Fit, and Become a Dance Sensation without wasting anymore Time & Money?

  • Have you always dreamed of performing, but didn’t think you had the time or talent, or just didn’t know how to go about it?
  • Have you bounced around from class to class seeing little to no improvement?
  • Are you afraid that you may give up on your goals because of lack of progression?
Many dancers have a desire to dance effortlessly and gracefully exuding confidence and strength, yet get frustrated when they pay lots of money for group classes, private lessons and workshops and don’t see results right away.
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we invite you to invest in your dancing and join our performances teams, so you can finally start seeing the results that you deserve.
Whether your goal is just to dance for fun, to perform or even teach one day, our performance team structure and format will give you the tools to reach your goals and bring out your Inner Diva.

Join us NOW and Step Up your Dance!

What you will Learn on our Performance Teams

Sexy Ladies Styling

Learn all the elements that make up our sexy, elegant, and graceful style.

Turning and Spinning Technique

Our drills and exercises will have you spinning like a top in no time!

Amazing Footwork

Syncopations, slides, and swivels… and it doesn’t stop there!

Sensual Body Movement

You will learn isolations, body movement, and flavor like you’ve never seen!

Hand and Arm Styling

Become a true artist by learning the proper usage of and placement one of your most expressive tools… yours arms and hands!


Learn timing and musical understanding. Learn the difference between dancing with the counts and listening to the music.

Staging and Spacing

We will incorporate formations, staging, and spacial awareness… no more dancing in place!

Projection and Performance

We will give you several tips and tools for improving your projection and performance. You will shine like a Star after we are done with you!

What you will Experience on our Performance Teams

Performance Opportunities

We perform at local and non-local events and festivals, as well as spot dates at clubs, restaurants and lounges. Don’t worry! Performances are not mandatory, and you can join us for the training and instruction.

Work at your Level!

You will be placed on 1 of 3 levels on the Salsa Team, and either our training troupe level or advance level on the Burlesque Team.

Make Friends

You will meet people from all over the world and make life-long friends!

Get Fit

You will get in shape while having fun!

Join us NOW and Step Up your Dance!

PLUS! See the Extra Bonuses we offer…

Instructional Videos

We create highly comprehensive videos of each section of choreography complete with front and back viewpoints, breakdown and explanation with counts, repetition with varying music speeds, and slow motion.

Class make-up options

Worried that you may not be able to be able to make all of the scheduled rehearsals? When you miss a class you can make it up at one of our monthly workshops, or you may qualify for a private lesson!

Loyalty Incentive & Referral Program

The longer you stay on the team, the lower your monthly dues! Also, refer a friend to the team and get $25 off your next month’s dues!

2 Styles to choose from

Choose between the sassy flavor of our Ladies Salsa Team, or the sultry sexiness of our Vintage Burlesque Team… or Both! Teams rehearse Sundays- Burlesque 4:00-6:00pm, Salsa 6:00-8:00pm

Join the hundreds of Dancers that have taken their dancing to next level by being on our Performance Teams!

I joined Charlene’s ladies salsa team about 8 months ago. I have had many dance instructors but Charlene really stood out not only because of her talent in dancing, but her attention to details and providing individual feedback to help her students of all levels to improve their body movement, physical strength and musicality. Students have the options to perform on stages, local venues or just learn the choreography. I noticed the improvement in myself and others pretty quickly. Her method works! The ladies are the team are extremely friendly and supportive. If you are looking to improve your dancing no matter what level you are, you will be happy to check out the classes and teams offered by Charlene.
I started taking burlesque dance classes about a year ago now from Charlene Rose and it has changed my life tremendously. I’ve gained so much confidence in my self and in performing in front of a crowd. It has been so much fun being part of her burlesque dance troupe. I highly recommend her dance classes, both bulresque and salsa … it will definitely make you a better performer, gain self confidence, give you the discipline to better yourself .. yet have the best time and gain valuable experiences that will help you personally as an individual.
One of the best dance instructors out there. Super fun, patient and knows how to instruct in a way that is understandable. Overall… great dancer, teacher, motivator. She definitely has a passion for movement and has the experience and education to back it. She has a way of creating a fun loving dance community, bringing so many to discover a suppressed, hidden talent they may posses.
I have been with the instructor Charlene Rose for over 4 years now. She is one of the best dance teacher around. Herself is a great dancer, super professional, if you search her on youtube, you will find a lot of her competition videos. As a teacher, she is very good at picking up your strength and weakness, so that you can get tips to fix your own problem. She is nice and fun, easy to work with. Not a whole lot like the stereotype of strict dance teacher.

If you are looking for something fun, her team is the right place to be. Whether salsa or burlesque, you will have a lot of fun. And if you are serious about dancing, you will find yourself improve by practicing regularly and performing at events.

I want to thank you for all of your great teaching and encouragement. Last night at Zanzibar I was reminded of the last time I was there…. a couple of years ago a girlfriend brought me to Zanzibar on a Saturday night (random pop/hip-hop type music… don’t really remember). She “made” me get on the dance floor and kept telling me to “dance sexy”…. she was trying to get me out of my “shell”. I literally ended up hiding in the bathroom….I am not sure what I would have said if someone would have told me how one day I would be on that dance floor performing in a black rhinestone bodysuit…… =)
I wanted to let you know how happy I am that I joined the Women’s Styling Performance team for The Charlene Rose Dance Company. I recently performed at the Salsa Extravaganza in Palm Springs; it was exciting and challenging, I loved it! Another interesting point occurred to me. I had the opportunity to take an advanced partnering salsa workshop and in the course of this workshop I got some excellent feedback from advanced male leads. More than 3 participants said “Wow! I want to dance with you again!” after they tried the choreography with me! Interestingly enough, even though I havn’t been partner dancing my partner dancing skills have greatly improved. Thank you so much for the excellence in which you teach and the opportunity to grow as a dancer. Yours united in love for dance!

Join us NOW and Step Up your Dance!

SUMMARY: Let’s Bring it all Together

Risk-Free Guarantee

We are so confident in our curriculum, that we guarantee that in 3 months of you following our instructions and schedule, if you don’t see any improvement, you receive a full refund!

Registration Options

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Month to Month
$115per month for 1st 3 months
  • Reg price $130- $45 savings!

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  • $160 savings

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  • $280 savings

12 Months pre-pay
  • $425 savings

On the Fence?

You deserve to become the Dance Sensation that you’ve always wanted to be, and THIS is the opportunity that will take you there!