Take a FREE Class with the Forbidden Roses Burlesque Troupe!

Do you love to DANCE? Do you love to PERFORM? Do you love BURLESQUE? Then you would LOVE to join the Forbidden Roses Burlesque Troupe! We provide training and performance opportunities to dancers of all levels!

We are offering a Free… yes FREE class to get you acquainted with the Troupe and with the style. If you like what you see, then there are options for moving forward with us.

Join the Advanced level at our Burlesque Residency at the Townhouse in Venice! You will be a Featured Dancer, and perform our choreographed routines as well as improvised solos in front of a LIVE audience!

Don’t feel ready or don’t have a desire to perform yet? Join the Training Team and hone your skills.

Soon you TOO can be a Featured Dancer!